Welcome to 3rd Conversation

Connection. Humanity. Change.

What is 3rd Conversation?

Clinicians are leaving health care at alarming rates, and experiencing higher incidences of depression and suicide. This “burnout” isn’t just hurting professionals; patients feel burned by the system, too – it is fragmented, impersonal, and too often fails to deliver the healing environment they need.

As clinicians are talking about their pain, patients are talking separately about many of the same dysfunctions in the system. With the 3rd Conversation, we're exploring what would happen if we brought them together and tapped into the underlying care we have for each other as humans to improve our health care system.

The 3rd Conversation carves out the space and freedom -- outside the exam room -- for patients and health care professionals to connect in a way that builds empathy and deep appreciation for each other's core humanity. We’re testing whether this can mitigate burnout and lead to lasting change.

Why Should I Join?

If you've interacted with the health care system (and we are sure you have!), you've likely felt frustrated and like you weren't heard and valued. It doesn't have to be that way. By joining this network, you can help make the care experience better for patients, caregivers, and providers. Every time you log in, you'll experience meaningful conversations with people who are passionate about improving our system. And we hope you will find inspiration and motivation to take the ideas and learning of the 3rd Conversation virtual network into your community. 

For more information about 3rd Conversation, visit 3rdConversation.org, or email us at [email protected]